Effective Executives’ Mindset

 The effective executives are not necessarily talented but rather they think and act rightly. First they ask this crucial question: “What needs to be done”? And not “what I need to do”? They prioritize tasks and they consider the organization’s mission when they do so. Then at a time, they focus on just one or two most important tasks that need to be done and they are very good at doing them. When they make a decision, they ask themselves: what is right for the organization? They don’t ask what is right for them, investors, employees or even clients. Because any good decision for organization will benefit all stakeholders (growth mindset).

 Effective executives develop action plans. By doing so, they manage their time, vision their goals and predict restraints and possible opportunities. They also revise the action plan when needed because effective executives believe that every success or failure creates new opportunities (growth mindset). 

 Effective executives are accountable and they take responsibility for the decisions that they take. They assign employees to the right positions, and they ask employees’ opinion if they want to be in the position and are ready for that.  Actually effective executives don’t take decisions or action but they delegate. 

 They also take responsibility to communicate effectively with those people in the organization that need to know about their decisions and provide them adequate information that they need to get the job done. 

 Effective executives believe that focusing on opportunities is more important than focusing on problems. Because solving problems prevents damage and does not contribute to progress. Even for solving problems, managers need to change their mindset as Albert Einstein says: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

 Effective executives are leaders as well, because they look at changes as opportunities and not threat. They assign their best employees on opportunities rather than problems. 

 Also effective executives run frequently effective meetings. They inform others about the reason for the meeting and they just focus on that in the meeting. A good follow up is important after meetings. 

 And finally, effective executives think and say “we” and not “I”. They “listen first” and “speak last”. Being an effective executive is learnable and is more about self-discipline and fostering an effective executive mindset. 

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