The Fundamental Of Concepts

The Fundamental of Concepts 

 When we think, certain brain cells vibrate above their normal amplitude. The increase of amplitude in brain cells vibrates a different frequency that affects all the body. The root of the brain cell frequency is a simple concept that can be positive or negative. The basic concepts are fixated in the subconscious mind and dictate the way we perceive and think about the world. According to Concept-Therapy, in order to solve any issue related to human beings, it is essential to study the human as a whole with all its dimensions. So the study of natural sciences, social sciences, psychology, philosophy, theology, and metaphysics is important in solving human’s issues, according to the Dr. Thurman Fleet. 

 The conscious mind selects the thoughts that are in harmony with the subconscious mind. Self-image is also a part of the subconscious mind, and it is crucial to address self-image properly in the mindset and paradigm transformation. 

The paradigm is formed in the subconscious mind. So certain ways of thinking always bring humans certain kinds of results that humans get in all areas of life. Originated from the subconscious mind, thoughts create feelings, then feelings trigger actions, and actions create results. So by changing the origin of thoughts, which is a paradigm in the subconscious mind, we can change human results in all areas of life including mental and physical health, financial, relationship, social, ect. 

Dr. Joe Spenza calls the transformation of old mental conditioning as rewiring the mind. It takes sometimes a year to recondition the mental paradigm through mental rehearsing, but the results are incredible. Paradigm is like human software that operates the physical body. Through changing paradigm, life changes, as the external world is the reflection of the internal world. 

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